Honourable colleagues, ladies and gentlemen,


Research is the most powerful tool for the development of knowledge in a science. It is the way through which science develops a distinct body of scientific knowledge and strengthens its autonomy and credibility. It is through these thoughts and driven by the need to link scientific research with Intensive Care Units (ICU) and health professionals that the research laboratory entitled “ICU Follow up – Care Lab” was founded in May 2019 by faculty members of the Department of Nursing, University of West Attica.

The “ICU Follow up – Care Lab” has an office of Administrative Services at the Aigaleo Campus and is the first research laboratory of the University of West Attica, which is located in a hospital, specifically in the General Hospital of Athens. Korgialeio – Benakio E.E.S. (pending the E.O.A.) for the implementation of its nursing and research work.

It aims at monitoring the problems of adult patients that have arisen as a result of ICU hospitalization. Follow up of patients is carried out in the clinical area, in scheduled meetings, after discharge from the ICU and the hospital where they were hospitalized. The goal is to promote the idea of an integrated post-hospital follow-up and counseling structure for this vulnerable group of patients, respectfully and professionally recognizing their right to return to their pre-sickness state of health.

At the same time, the ICU Laboratory aspires to integrate into nursing education the use of simulation technologies provided by an integrated ICU Simulation Laboratory, in which students of all study cycles as well as health professionals will be trained, seeking to fill the educational – learning gap as a new approach technique, providing the possibility of proper learning and practice of rich cognitive and practical skills in a safe environment.


The Director,

Dimitrios E. Papageorgiou